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Hephaestus - AK Modular Rail Forend for AEG/GBB
USD $110.00
Hephaestus - AK Modular RAS Set for AEG / GBB
USD $118.00
Hephaestus - Aluminum Silencer Adapter (16mm+ to 14mm-)
USD $11.00
Hephaestus - Aluminum Silencer Adapter for GHK AK Series (24mm+ to 14mm-)
USD $16.00
Hephaestus - New Charging System (Type A - Steel) for GHK AK Series
USD $79.00
Hephaestus - Stock Adapter with 6-position Extension for GHK AIMS / AKM Series
USD $55.50
Hephaestus - Tactical Magazine Catch for GHK / LCT / Marui AK Series
USD $19.50
Hephaestus - Tactical Selector (Type A) for GHK/LCT AK Series
USD $21.00
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