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Madbull Strike Industries 11

 Madbull Strike Industries 11
 Madbull Strike Industries 11  Madbull Strike Industries 11
Brand: Strike Industries
Product Code: BW-ACC-MB-MEGAFINS-11
Weight: 780g (with package)
Availability: In Stock
Price: USD $98.00
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The Strike Industries Mega Fins hand guard rail is an ultra light weight handguard rail with a plethora of features. The Mega Fins rail is named after the ?fins? that surround the rifle?s barrel. The purpose of these fins is to help dissipate the heat generated from the rifle barrel from a real steal AR but for the airsoft version, it adds style points to your system.

The Mega Fins features a full 7 sided (heptagonal) Keymod system. This translates into full placement of rail sections and furniture at every angle. Madbull have taken every step to insure the hand guard is ergonomic and supremely light weight without sacrificing durability or quality. 

» Ergonomically crafted
» Full 7 angled Heptagonal Keymod system
» Mega Fins heat transfer dispersal technology

The Mega Fins come is a variety of lengths: 7? 9? 11? and 13?. Whatever your style, whatever your preference, Mega Fins has your covered. 

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