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APS - 870 Any Other Weapon

APS - 870 Any Other Weapon
APS - 870 Any Other Weapon
Brand: APS
Product Code: CAM870AOW
Weight: 1kg (with package)
Availability: In Stock
Price: USD $375.00
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CAM870AOW is a compact, stockless, pump-action, cartridge ejected Airsoft Shotgun that is powered by Co2, featuring a folding fore grip, 8.5 inch barrel and optional breaching flash hider. This CAM870AOW is unique and named the best little scattergun you found in Airsoft market.

To say it is a short barrel shotgun, we rather considered it as a smooth bore handgun because it is original manufactured without a shoulder stock and overall length is just 41cm. It is a little longer than a Desert Eagle Pistol, so it will be an excellent secondary weapon for your back-up needs.

Because of its size and power, CAM870AOW is a point blank weapon while maintaining compact, concealable and maneuverable size. In an Airsoft games, especially in a CQB situation, it is very useful as an entry weapon. To conclude, don’t judge it by the gun’s size, you will definitely regret if you get hit by this little monster.

Caliber: 6mm BB
Outer barrel size: 18mm
Energy Source: Rechargeable Co2 Cartridge
Velocity: 280 ~ 330 FPS @ 0.2g BB x 12 (Shower Mode)
Maximum Range: 30 Meters
Effective Range: 20 Meters
Fire Selector: Safe / Fire
Flip Up Metal Grip
Metal Body
Rate of Fire: Pump Action Single Shot
Shell Capacity : 2 + 1 Rounds
Length 42cm(L) x 12cm(H) x 3.8cm(W)
Weight: 1.2kg

Package includes:

1 x CAM870 Gun

1 x User Manual

1 x Co2 Charger

2 x Cartridge Shells

1 x Catcher Bag

50 x Wad

50 x Sealing Paper

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